I am writing at the worst time

Because I am full of emotions, and strong ones too!

I never really took time to reflect on President Duterte’s promise that he would allow former President (and dictator) Marcos’ burial at the Heroes’ Cemetery. I suppose it had the pre-Brexit effect on me: I didn’t take it seriously. But of course, after seeing what went on with Brexit, I feel the need to be more vigilant now.

This is presposterous! the guy is really serious about it

Even more ridiculous are the Deputy Speakers in the House of Representatives stating that going through with the burial does not mean the former dictator’s sins would be washed away. And that it will not signify the end of the search for justice for the martial law victims.

Honestly, I can’t even begin to argue with such moronic statements. I’m sorry, but once you bury somebody’s corpse in a Heroes’ Cemetery, aren’t you giving the title of a HERO to that person? Aren’t you attaching certain qualities and honors to the memory of the deceseased? I have this mental picture of me, grabbing those men one by one, by the lapels and asking, “Would you give a beautiful eulogy to the person who murdered a family member? Would you send flowers to the funeral of someone who betrayed your trust? Would you?”

Lastly, was there ever a slight consideration of how the victims of the Marcos dictatorship would feel if this interment pushes through? The burial of the former president would surely bring honor to his family and happiness to many of his supporters. But what message would it give to those who suffered during his time? how would the Philippines, a Democratic Republic, look like to the rest of the world? Mind you, it’s not only image that I’m concerned of, it’s the MESSAGE we’ll be sending… are we now tolerating perpetrators of human rights violations? ARE WE NOW LAUDING THEM? are we proud that we are lauding them?

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(I’ll be right back after I punch something and do some 100+ combination kicks… no amount of prayer or meditation could instantly relieve this. I may be excused, I’m new to this thing called “maturing”)