Hi! I’m Karessa and in this blog I wish to share all sorts of things I find while developing a career in Communications and External Relations.

I consider myself as a natural born researcher so I see this blogsite as my playground: where I can practice developing my written arguments, summarize the lessons I’ve learned and express my ideas.

I also can’t help but find an economic explanation on everything that’s going on around me.

I’m a mother to a most amazing kid.

I’m a mistress/slave to a very cheeky cat.

Welcome and enjoy!

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Karessa,

    I finally found you! I’m your long lost friend from FCC. You still look beautiful and walang kupas and beauty mo! I’d share more except I will tell you in private. Please write me back.


    • Merci mon ami ! I am already in Madrid right now, with a job, haha! But everything you said about Paris is true. The city has given me tough love and I will always be grateful for the experience. Tell me about your city. Is it Aix en Provence ?


      • That’s great that you found a job, and I heard that Madrid is a great city too, and somewhat more relaxed than Paris. My girlfriend and I moved to Aix because we were longing for a calmer place with nature and a beautiful landscape, and the Provence is just amazing. However, we are going to move again, as Aix is too expensive and the commuting to the university of Marseille is more stressful than I thought. We still don’t know, maybe Montpellier, or Toulouse ? South France is sooo beautiful and heals my soul…

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    • Yes, Montpellier is a beautiful city ! I haven’t been yet to Madrid, but I heard only good things about it. So many things to do and dream of !! Edward used to talk about “memory building” when it comes to travelling. That gave me the feeling that life isn’t something that happens to you, but that you are the one who builds it.


      • I totally agree with everything you said: from Montpellier to being more proactive in our lives! Edward was such a wise soul, was he? It’s romantic to think that life just “happens”, and in a way, of course, there are things that are out of our control. But we have been gifted the luxury of a CHOICE. And I believe that is where we could make a difference- we could be satisfied with a shanty, or construct a brick house; some people would work for years building a strong foundation, others would make castles in the air… Isn’t it nice that even if we can’t control all factors, we can still pursue our longings and ambitions?


  2. Yes ! It was so important for to learn that I’m not just a leaf in the wind, but am capable to shape my destiny and hopefully, make a difference in the world, too. Maybe the things that seem to happen to us are the things we don’t understand ? I leave those to God, the miracles and the tragédies of my life… I want to build a house of bricks (literally !), but I think the really strong foundation is within ourselves.

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    • Yes Peter, I agree with you. Most of the times, we simply have to keep our faith and believe that God also has faith in us. The more we let go and let God, the more peaceful we become, the more positively we influence our surroundings and the more we can tend lovingly to our dreams. Show me your house, okay?

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