In solidarity of what had come to pass…

Colorfulifesite would like to dedicate this space to acknowledge the victims of the various attacks in the last few days, as well as support their families and loved ones during this moment of adversity.

The struggle to not give into terror is a battle we are all engaged in. And part of this fight consists of preserving kindness and not resorting to stigmatizing population groups.

Doing so requires great amount of will and strength but as citizens, it is our way of helping the authorities do their job to mitigate the initial shock. That way we, as a society, can all move towards a more longer-term solution to end the problem while starting and/or continuing to heal.

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Thank you for your courage, thoughts and prayers.



  1. Live news on the Munich shooting, available at:
  2. “After Paris Attacks. French Muslims, Refugees in Paris Are Fighting the Stigma Left Behind From 9/11”, by Alessandria Masi, available at:

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