Deep Condolences

My heart is breaking

For those that stopped beating

My mind is asking

For those who will never dream

nor think, nor learn,

nor ponder ever again.

My hands are trembling

For the ones unable

to hold, or touch, or comfort

or feel anything, anymore.


I mourn, I weep and I hurt

for the dearly departed.


But my soul grieves for you


And now I wonder:

What kind of childhood did you have?

What sort of things made you laugh?

What were your friends like?

What made you cry?

Did you like fireworks?

Did you love the beach?

What were the words

they convinced you with?


Where are you now, brother?

Are you enjoying

the promised virgins?

Do you see the face of your Creator?

Or do you see them 84*?



*84 number of deaths as of 15/07/2016, 22:34