Value and Worth

Value and Worth feel mad.

Value and Worth have just had enough.

At first they were sad,

but now they’re distraught.

Nobody cares.

Everybody would use them



Look: Value is the “quality

that renders something desirable”.

No, it’s not always measurable.

While worth is calculable-

denoting the cost

of that which is tradeable.


The issue is one

which can’t be ignored

because most people deem

one or the other

as a synonym.


But Worth is oft-attached

to finacial gain or expense,

while Value conveys a price

and also our sentiments.


So Value and Worth try to go on

feeling no scorn,

but they are uncomfortable.

They hope that someday

people will see

how distinct they are.

“Just like siblings”, both would agree

“we are not the same, only similar”









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