A Letter to My 20-Year Old (young) Self

Dear me (*wink*),

I come from the future, from almost twelve years ahead to tell you that one of your ambitions will come true- the one you would least expect to happen. But it is one that you truly deserve because you worked (would work? will have worked?) hard for it- money, time and effort were patiently set aside for this dream to come true.

Let me warn you though, that contrary to what you believe there will be no signs of good omen to let you know it is about to happen. No, there will be no big band playing your favorite music nor will there be fireworks to accompany the scenario. An SMS and you losing your way to a restaurant will be the only prelude to the fulfillment of this wish.

Since you have always been a lover of spoilers, let me humor you…

You see, on June 2nd 2016 you will be meeting two very nice girls from where you used to work. One of them, S (one of the prettiest, friendliest and most outgoing persons you’ll know) would be the one to initiate the meet up and the other friend, J (a lovely redhead, your first ever Russian-speaking Parisian friend and one of the most dependable people you’ll meet) would also confirm her attendance.

Are you freaking out yet? Wait until you hear the rest:

The three of you will meet at a very nice and affordable Korean restaurant on the 12th “district”. You will start the conversation by asking how the other is doing, but you will not be speaking in English, nor in Spanish. No! And nooooo not Visayan, you nerd… You, my dear geeky self, will be speaking confidently and perkily in French! Yes! French, and in Paris, of all places!

So there you go! and yes, I confirm that what I have just told you is not a delusion: you will have friends, these friends will want to spend time with you “just because”, you will be speaking French, it will happen in Paris and the feeling you will have will be greater than fleeting happiness. You will feel both blessed and peaceful at the same time. Blessed because you have found such beautiful people to share with (and practice your French with!) and peaceful because you will be able to tick that thing off your bucket list.

I’m sorry to say, though: you won’t be dressed in haute couture, this will not take place in a Michelin-starred restaurant and you will not be holding a slim cigarette while sipping on champagne. But you will talk about your son and husband (oopss… sorry! I didn’t mean to spill that…), summer plans, politics at work, the job market and even the human digestive system! And you will eat a perfectly fried fish with plum wine. And you will be at peace. That is a promise.

So girl, get up that couch and stop moping because your future looks good. I understand that none of these is believable right now because all you could think about are passing your exams, going back to the Philippines, forgetting what’s-his-name and maybe getting yourself a tattoo. I wish I could deliver the punchline and say “Ha! gotcha, just kiddiiiiiiing….!!”. But it’s not going to happen because these will all come true.

I know, I know… 12 years is such a long time for a dream to come true. Things happen for a reason, you know? And another promise: time will fly past you like a flock of migrating birds. You won’t even notice anything until it’s gone. So listen to an older, wiser you and take every chance that life gives you to be happy. Pay attention because within every moment, a dream might be on its way to becoming a reality.

Take care!

Yours truly,

Almost 32 year-old me